Risetech Business

RiseTech focuses on providing Business Processes, Information Technology advisory services, Office and Telecoms automation solution ranging from Business Management Systems, Telecom and Information Set-up Analyzing business needs. RiseTech focuses on small business start-ups, existing small and Medium business and government institutions that need a state of the art Information Technology solutions and Telecoms office solution as their business enablers for cost saving, competitive advantage and operational efficiency.

Vision Statement

RiseTech aims to be recognized as one of the best company with excellent services in Information Technology, office automation and telecoms – Analyzing, Sourcing -> Installation -> and -> Maintenance for small businesses (start-up and existing) as well as Government public sector.


RiseTech business strategic objective and approach derives its thrust from the fundamental principles referred to as the 3Cs concept:

  • Cost saving - championing for businesses and organizations – Assessing current technology improvements for cost saving by - sourcing, installing and maintain all IT, Telecoms and office automation solution that meet business needs
  • Competitive returns - championing for businesses and organizations – coach clients to use existing technology in their disposal to maximize marketing coverage, and attain market share of clients through use of apps, online marketing, website and social media
  • Client Education and Development – Constantly educating and providing advisory assistance to our clients on processes, technology and people skills improvement for their business operations in becoming Efficient and Costs Savings.

Mission Statement

RiseTech is committed to undivided attention to every detail of its services. RiseTech quality will always be consistent, target and distinctive

  • Caring, responsible and accountable company
  • Reflect the values, aspirations and cultures of the South African People
  • Competent, accessible and transparent services in cost saving and efficiency operations
  • Attract, develop and retain skilled and professional staff
  • Honorable, trustworthy and dedicated corporate image
  • Create a conductive working environment for all diverse ethnic groups

Offering Value Chain