Business Solutions

IT Solutions Consulting

Risetech IT Solution Consultants are highly trained and experienced to be able to provide any industry with a tailored solution, no matter the requirements.

Risetech IT Solutions will provide a dynamic solution to fit your business needs perfectly

Hardware & Software Sales

Risetech IT Solutions can supply any IT related hardware and software from leading international brands like HP, Dell, Intel and Microsoft at more affordable prices

Microsoft Licensing

We provide SPLA (Service Provide Licensing Agreement) to clients where licences can be leased to your devices at a small monthly charge instead of paying it all once off

Microsoft Solutions Consulting

We can design, implement, and maintain any Microsoft solution (AX Dynamics and SharePoint) to fit your exact business needs

Cabling & Switches

Let us take away the headache of cabling your offices.

Our team has the expertise to setup an entire network infrastructure from laying, organizing and labeling cables to installing network points and switches

Wireless Solutions

Providing customized wireless solutions with managed level access from guests having limited access to your network and employees having full access

VOIP Solutions

Knowing the importance part of telecommunication in your business, we have solutions to provide you with most cost effective and reliable telephony

Connectivity Solutions

From ADSL, LTE, 3G, Wireless to site-to-site connections we can provide you with the best solution to cater your needs

Network Optimization

o Bringing you the best out of your network in terms of speed, reliability and security, we diagnose your current network infructure, assess your network speed and reliability then we recommend the best solution with your CAPEX for implementation

Fibre Solutions

We have collaborated with the best ISP’s to be able to bring you with customized fibre solutions from Fibre to Home and Business.

Cloud and Storage

Domain & Website Hosting

Providing you with the platform to host your domain and website at the best price

Email Hosting & Archiving

o We providing email and data archiving solutions suitable for your organization from Hosted Exchange mail platform and Mail archiving services on offsite premises and on the cloud platform

Onsite Backup Solutions

Should you prefer storing your data onsite, we provide solutions where your backups get backed up to different drives daily or weekly, where one of the drives will be securely stored off premises

Secure Data Storage

Keeping your sensitive data secured on one of our hosted servers where only you can have access to your data